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14-year-old’s Essay Wins Contest

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Ethan Lockman is all smiles after receiving his tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood.

14-year-old Ethan Lockman of Bakersfield, CA picked up 4 tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood as the winner of our UNBROKEN-themed contest honoring Louis Zamperini. Universal Pictures will release the UNBROKEN movie on December 25, 2014. You can watch a trailer below, but first read Ethan’s winning essay:

I believe Louis Zamperini displayed the spirit of an American hero.

On pondering the definition of “Hero” I thought, a hero is a person admired for their brave and sacrificial actions serving above and beyond the call of duty. That being said, who does not want to be like the person that they have raised up to the stature of Hero? If that is true, could that person’s subtitle not be “Role Model”?

Yes. But what is the definition of role model? I would say it is this: one whoexhibits character so just and noble that it is worthy of being followed. True heroes, whom all freedom loving humans esteem, possess an internal passion that comes from deep inside. This passion is reflected in their actions and serves as an example for the generations to follow.

Those who wrote our constitution were the brave pioneers who found a unique nation…”With liberty and justice for all.” But those who, like Mr. Zamperini, defended it against its enemies in The Second World War, and the other wars in which our freedoms were challenged, who answered the call of duty, and who gave their all for the country that they loved, they are Heroes who should be proclaimed. Now that our World War Two heroes are passing so quickly, should we not aspire to be the role models for the next generation that they are to us?

Mr. Zamperini displayed all the character of a True Hero. Not only in his service to his country, but in his example of one who continued to exhibit his true spirit in returning to the country where he was persecuted. He forgave and loved his enemies and was sincere about it. The love which he demonstrated was unmatched. He was a true American hero. We will all miss him, but we will always remember his “Unbroken” spirit.

Congratulations to Ethan, and thanks to Universal Studios Hollywood for providing the tickets.
Paul Loeffler

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