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Black or White? Almost Life or Death…

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95-year-old Dr. Fitzalbert Marius of Fresno, CA appears on episode #509 of Hometown Heroes, airing February 2-4, 2018. Born in Panama and raised in Harlem, NY, Dr. Marius served with the 725th Medical Sanitary Company in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Bert Marius at age 17. For more photos, visit the Hometown Heroes facebook page.

A noted surgeon who participated in more than 15,000 heart operations, Dr. Marius is also an accomplished musician, poet, author, tailor, painter, golfer, and teacher, among other things. It’s hard to find anyone who better epitomizes the headline of a 2008 Fresno State daily Collegian article about him: “Renaissance Man.”

  1. Suzanne Marius Heartfield Reply

    It is wonderful to see my Uncle Bertie acknowledged for his wonderful and amazing accomplishments.

  2. Richard Sawatzky Reply

    Dr. Marius’s life is amazing. A true hero of this country. So much tenacity and perseverance throughout his life that few, if any, could survive. His accomplishments are numerous and awe inspiring. Yet he credits it all to God’s guidance. Dr. Marius’s life is illuminating and a blessing to hear.

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  4. Kenneth Straub Reply

    I’m a white Marine and I Love this man. Awesome man aof God who did so much good!!! His life is so interesting and full of Glory to God. Thank sir! I salute you!

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