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Flying Back to Burning Carrier

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98-year-old Nate Murphy of Coronado, CA appears on episode #464 of Hometown Heroes, airing March 24-26, 2017. A native of Boston, MA, Murphy became a dive bomber pilot in the U.S. Navy.

98-year-old Nate Murphy. For more photos, visit the Hometown Heroes facebook page.

  1. Taylor Gash Reply

    Sorry I missed this on Saturday, but the link doesn’t seem to work. Do you think it will be up soon?

  2. Stanton Warren Reply

    BIG SALUTE, Mr. Nate Murphy ! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE & SACRIFICE FOR AMERICA during WW2. Strip away the challenge, danger & sheer TERROR of each mission, being a naval dive bomber pilot in the Pacific, had to be THE MOST THRILLING experience of (all) WW2 combatants, any branch, any theater ! At ten thousand feet you point your bird`s nose down and commence a 70+ degree dive into scores of anti-aircraft gun muzzles, every one of them DIRECTED AT YOU, while maintaining the presence of mind to release your bomb at 1500 feet above the deck, then the blood-draining pull out, and immediate evasive maneuvering at wave top level, till far away from your adversary, before you begin to climb up and head towards home….Heady stuff, indeed !!! Harold Buell, whom you probably knew, wrote a wonderful book of his VERY similar experiences as a fellow naval dive bomber, entitled: DAUNTLESS HELLDIVERS. Absolutely a must read !

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