Hometown Heroes

Ingenuity Saved “The Big E”

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LISTEN to Murrell Twibell on Hometown Heroes
93-year-old Murrell Twibell of Ivanhoe, CA appears on episode #81 of Hometown Heroes, debuting July 18, 2009.

Murrell Twibell at age 93

Murrell Twibell at age 93

What do you imagine yourself doing when you’re 90 years old? Riding a motorcycle from Mexico to Canada in three days time? Murrell Twibell is not your average nonagenarian. At 93, he still has more energy, enthusiasm, and mental acuity than people one-third of his age (I speak from first-hand experience).
Listen to Hometown Heroes to hear Twibell relate tales from his Navy career, including his time on the USS Enterprise
during World War II. You’ll hear how his ingenuity and unique mechanical skill helped him develop amodification that caused his fellow sailors to tell him he “saved the ship.”

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