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95-year-old Jim McCrory of Porterville, CA appears on episode #458 of Hometown Heroes, airing February 10-12, 2017. McCrory survived the Battle of Guadalcanal with the 2nd Marine Regiment, coming ashore on Gavutu on August 7, 1942.

Jim McCrory as a 20-year-old Marine. For more photos, visit the Hometown Heroes facebook page.

  1. Stanton Warren Reply

    THANK YOU Jim McCrory, MARINE, for taking the time to EDUCATE us on what FREEDOM actually costs !

    My father was a WW2 Army combat veteran who went from Normandy to Salzburg as a FAC. Unlike you, he rarely talked about his experiences. At one point in 1945, he was with the contingent of GIs who blew the locks off the gates of Dachau, one of the infamous DEATH CAMPS of the Third Reich. I am almost certain The War left him with a lifetime dose of PTSD…Anyway, his service experiences prompted me to read anything i could on your war; on every front, in every theatre and in every branch of service. It is of my humble opinion, that The Island Hopping Campaign through the Pacific, by the Navy, MARINES and the Army, was THE MOST HORRIFIC combat experience by ANYONE, anywhere, in WW2. Of the dozens of books i have read on The Second World War, only about 5 actually “put me there.” Anyone who cares about what these AMAZING MEN went through, absolutely has to read Eugene Sledge`s definitive work: WITH THE OLD BREED. Guadalcanal, Tarawa, PELELIU, Iwo Jima, Okinawa…HUGE SALUTES to you, sir, and to all your Brothers In Arms !

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