Hometown Heroes

“Rosie the Riveter” Remembers

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93-year-old Veora Bliss-Baldwin of American Fork, UT appears on episode #505 of Hometown Heroes, airing January 5-7, 2018. A native of Vale, SD, Veora had three brothers who served in the military during World War II, but she discovered her own way to help the war effort.

While Veora’s three brothers were in the military, she was installing gun turrets on warplanes. For more photos, visit the Hometown Heroes facebook page.

Listen to Hometown Heroes for Veora’s memories from her childhood on a farm in Vale, a small township of about 250 people north of Sturgis near the Belle Fourche River. As a girl, she would feed the chickens, gather eggs, and occasionally milk the cows, but the modern conveniences we’re so accustomed to today were nowhere to be found.

“No electricity, no telephone,” Veora recalls. “No running water in the house. We had to go out to the pump and get our water.”

She doesn’t remember the Great Depression affecting the children as much as the adults, but she was aware that her father lost his farm during that time and had to start over. The weather in Vale was severe enough that during the winter, her dad would affix sleigh runners to his hay racks, making it easier to deliver feed through the snow to the cattle. You’ll hear her recall how she heard about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the different ways her brothers participated in military service, and how she ended up playing her own role in supporting American forces.

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